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Monday, 28 November 2011

Are you on facebook?

Then you can back my application to win £15,000 to split between two EDS charities and funding developments and support for those with invisible disabilities!

With just a few simple clicks you can give me 'stakes' and help me get through to the next round!
By completing challenges you will be able to add up to 6 stakes.

Please click the link below to support me and this cause! Thanks!


Saturday, 26 November 2011

I've just discovered this book called "A Guide to Living with Hypermobility Syndrome: Bending without Breaking" and i read it cover to cover in no time, literally couldn't put it down!

So many parts of the book that I can relate to and thought it would be useful to share with you all!

If you suffer with HMS then I strongly recommend you buy it! Here is a link to where you can purchase it


Sunday, 20 November 2011

I am entering a competition for the chance to win £15,000! £10,000 of which will go towards two EDS charities and some of the other £5,000 I shall use to help raise awareness about invisible disabilities such as by funding this blog!

If you're on facebook, YOU can 'back' my application so that it gets shortlisted to the final round!

I am currently applying and shall keep you updated when the wheels are in motion!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Ways you can get involved with raising awareness about invisible disabilities! Check out this blog:
http://50kforawareness.blogspot.com/ and the facebook page for it: 50k for awareness.

Also, if you're on facebook check out the link below:
The Invisible Disability Association want you to share your story with others! Simply go to their website and join for more details about submitting your story!

Matt Barrett's extremely inspiring story! Please watch.

I subscribe to the HMSA newsletter and find it very useful! New editions are published every 3 months or so if you're based in the UK you can subscribe too, just click on the link ^. If you're not based in the UK I'm sure there are publications that offer a similar service and if you know of one please let me know so I can feature it on here!

The newsletter informs me about:
  • fundraising activities
  • Comments from Hypermobility specialists
  • Services that I can access for help
  • Experiences of other HMS sufferers

I strongly advise anyone with Hypermobility Syndrome to subscribe to this newsletter or a similar one as I think they are very helpful!
Previously I mentioned that I was thinking of fundraising ideas to raise mone for HMSA and i decided on a raffle.

I asked cadbury world if they could donate anything for my raffle and they kindly posted me a family ticket for four to go to Cadbury World! This will be a great prize for my raffle.

Thanks Cadbury!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Ooops.. I meant to inform you of this a while back, completely slipped my mind!
If you're in London and fancy popping down to Covent Garden on 6th November to see a fashion show to raise money for EDS check out the link below!

Click here: Ehlers Danlos Fashion Show!

There will also be stalls selling items and champagne and drinks available throughout the day!
Had a fair bit going on recently, which i shall keep you all posted about soon!
Lots of new posts coming about invisible disabilities... when i'm not so... tired... zzzzz