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Friday, 6 June 2014

To kick off our new series of 'Top 5' blog posts we thought we'd start with our top 5 (well 7, we couldn't pick just five) functional father's day gift ideas! Father's day is on June 15 this year in the UK so we thought we'd post this pronto so you have plenty of time to get your gifts!

(1) The Slanket

Many of you may have already heard of this comfy blanket with sleeves and we think its an ideal gift for dad. You can even now get one with a pocket for your TV remote control and a pouch for your feet! Order them here at the Slanket website.

(2) Audible Books

Next up on our Top 5 (well, 7) is audible, a subscription to this vast audio book library will allow your Dad to choose from a collection of thousands of audible books of all genres. So he's bound to find a lot of good reads to listen to!

(3) Grippy

At number 3, we have Grippy, this nifty little gadget is a great way to keep all your essentials together in one place. So no more searching around for lost keys or delving deep into your pockets scrambling together loose change. A perfect gift for Dad!

(4) The Blue Badge Company

The Blue Badge Company specialise in stylish, quality and unique blue badge holder designs. They have a great range to choose from but here above is our favourite. Make sure you check out their website to see the other designs on offer.

(5) Sturdy Slippers

Now you may think slippers are a pretty bog standard gift for Dad but these Moccasin slippers are really sturdy and offer great support to the feet. If you head over to M&S there's a whole range to choose from why not have a peak.

(6) Beer Fridge

At number 6 we have the beer fridge, every man's dream! There are a range of sizes and designs on offer across the market but a few of our affordable faves can be found at Argos.  It's a great way to avoid nagging drink requests whilst he's busy watching the world cup tucked up in his slanket. 

(7) Bulldog's Original Moisturiser 

Finally our number 7, father's day gift idea is Bulldog's Original Moisturiser. This simple grooming product has received fantastic reviews and provides great 'skincare for men'.

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