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Sunday, 18 August 2013

We're aware that a lot of our content has been about invisible conditions that we're most familiar with, that's why we want to branch out and not only educate others but also educate ourselves about the invisible conditions that we know little about!

To do this, we shall feature weekly content about all kinds of conditions with a new post being uploaded every Sunday. Some weeks we shall focus on an individual condition including content ranging from videos to personals stories, facts to useful links whereas in others we shall feature collaborations and events that are happening across the world to help raise awareness!

We really want to branch out and reach as many people across the world as possible educating them about all kinds of invisible conditions and we'd love you to share your stories to help educate us.

Over the next year we shall feature posts about as many invisible disabilities as possible from the picture below. Starting with next weeks post on Fibromyalgia. If you would like to contribute your useful links, personal stories or anything you think others should know about the condition please email it to: hideandseekid@hotmail.co.uk

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