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Monday, 10 October 2011

So its only 4:49pm and I have already retired to my bed zzz. Aching joints after a long day at college means one thing, time for a hot bath and then rub some soothing lotion on my joints!

Haven't had a hospital appointment in a few months now, makes a change from the practically weekly visits - however I do feel a tad lost in the system. The best hospital treatment I get is meeting my friends that I get together with monthly in a Chronic pain support group in London. However...

extortionate train prices + physical fatigue = me missing the meetings :(

But I still keep in regular contact and shall hopefully see them all soon :)

My latest EDS achievement?
In an attempt to get my previous strength and ability back I have started going to the gym. I know what you're thinking, "urgh, too much hardwork" and yes, I agree, it does make my joints ache but I find the longterm improvements worth the pain :)

I have just started my gym routine and once I have devised a structured exercise plan I shall let you know how its going in 'A snippet of my life (part 3)'.

Abi :)

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