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Thursday, 29 March 2012

"Emma Sanderson returned from holiday with a bug which became an unusual illness which she wants to help others to conquer via a charity dinner
Emma Sanderson’s growing up in Longridge was as normal as anyone’s – school at the CE primary and then Longridge High where she gained great results before studying A-levels at Clitheroe Royal Grammar.
Now, aged 21, she works at the primary school at lunch times and is a volunteer helper every Thursday at St Paul’s Walkie Talkies children’s group.
However, in the summer of 2007 her life changed dramatically after a holiday in Majorca.
“It would never remain the same after I returned with a stomach bug and was unable to keep any food down at all,” she recalls.
“In the October, I was admitted to Blackburn Hospital and virtually remained there until the December. Countless tests and exploratory operations where carried out – I even travelled to Sheffield for a cap-endoscopy, for which you swallow a capsule with a remote controlled camera inside it and it takes pictures of your insides as it travels through your body!
“But no diagnosis could be made as to what was causing these stomach problems – some even saying ‘maybe it was in her mind.’ It was an extremely hard time for everyone involved.”
At the end of 2010 a consultant at Blackburn advised Emma’s family to pay to see a professor in neurogastroenterology in London. Within an hour of meeting him, the professor had diagnosed Emma with EDS type 3, a hereditary condition where the collagen in the body is “too stretchy”. In Emma’s case the condition had also moved into her gastro-intestinal tract and internal organs." - Click here to read more

Inspired by Emma's Story? Want to help out some more?
Emma is organising a dinner and disco for fundraising!
Where: Ferrari's Country House Hotel, Longbridge
When: 13th July 2012
Price: tickets are £25
If interested let Emma know via email: emma.sanderson@me.com
Emma "It will be a great fundraising event and help to get MY INVISIBLE, VISIBLE!"

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