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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

We can't find a specific day that is dedicated to Invisible Disabilities! So we created our own one.

4th May is our #invisibledisabilities day!

Aim: Raise awareness about invisible disabilities

Who: You and everyone else we can get on board!

  •  In the lead up to the 4th May and definitely on that day tweet with the #invisibledisabilities - and educate others about your condition! The more people that click on this hashtag - the more they can find out about all sorts of invisible disabilities!
  • Tell your charities - get them on board! They have the power to help spread our message.
  • Blog about it on your blogs and let your followers know!
  • Share the image pasted at the top of this post!
  • Tweet, facebook, share google+ - whatever social platform you use - you can get involved!
  • Even tweet celebs! (worth a shot..)
Nothing you do is too little or too small, it all helps to raise awareness about the 45+ invisible disabilities that we need to educate others about!

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