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Thursday, 28 February 2013

“Over 500,000 people currently lease a car through the Motability scheme. It enables you to turn your government-funded mobility allowance into a brand new Honda.” - Honda UK Website

Many disabled people face daily struggles and burdens with what lots of people class as everyday ordinary life. One of those struggles may be transportation. Those with either physical disabilities or invisible disabilities may need assistance or help with transport whilst maintaining their independence. This is where the Honda’s Motability scheme comes into play, offering people accommodating alternatives and alterations to their travel. There are a variety of adaptations that are available to assist all kinds of disabilities so visit the Honda site to find out more about Motability cars.

On a personal level, I know a few disabled people that make good use of the Motability scheme and what support it has to offer disabled drivers. For example, many disabled drivers may struggle with actually getting in to the car due to mobility reasons, similarly the operating of a standard vehicle may be difficult for them. As well, they may need some storage for extra equipment such as a wheelchair or crutches.

Many types of adaptations are available through Motability to make the driving and travelling experience as comfortable as possible for the disabled driver or passenger.  Generally, these adaptations fall under the three categories stated below.

Benefits of the Motability Scheme:

1.       Driving adaptations - Various controls can be installed to help improve the driving experience.  They make transportation easier for someone that may not have otherwise been able to drive independently. They vary from simple attachments which can be bolted onto your car to replacing all existing driving controls, with a system individually designed for you and include pedal modifications and steering aids.

2.       Stowage adaptations - These allow the disabled person to easily stow their wheelchair or scooter in the car and usually come in the form of either a hoist or rooftop storage.

3.       Access adaptations - These adaptations can be made to aid those that need help getting in and out of the car and range from a permanent swivel seat to an electronic person hoist. However, it is important to have an assessment for these first in order to ensure the motor best suits your needs.

Are you eligible?
If you’re interested and wondering whether you’re eligible for the scheme then check the Motability section of the Honda UK website for more information about what forms of benefits you receive to see if you qualify. Or visit your local Honda dealership as at least one trained Motability specialist is stationed at each dealership to help you and provide advice on which car suits you best.

In association with Honda.

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