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Sunday, 10 March 2013

This is a post to remember the success of Rare Disease Day 2013 where over 70 countries across the world took part in a variety of ways to help raise awareness about rare diseases. This post will showcase some of the events and highlight the success of the day!

But first... 

So, what actually happened?

On 28th February, thousands of people across 71 countries took part in helping to raise awareness. Support grew across the globe as this was the largest number of countries participating throughout the 6 years that it has been running. A variety of events were held ranging from conferences, to radio shows, sponsored runs to cake sales! Everyone pulled together and worked as a team. The day got great media coverage across the globe and opened up a lot of people eyes to what rare and invisible conditions exist.Click the link here to see how each and every country played their part! 

Also, make sure you check out the Official Rare Disease Day 2013 video below:

If you didn't know about Rare Disease Day this year but wish you had got involved fear not as you can certainly get involved with Rare Disease Day 2014! Keep up to date on their twitter and facebook for the latest info as well as their website!

Next Week's Post will feature the UK service 'Find Me Good Care'.

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