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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Find Me Good Care ...

Find Me Good Care is a free online resource launched at the end of last year by the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) – a national charity established to improve care across the UK.

This week's post is dedicated to Find Me Good Care, a charity that aims to help people in their struggle to find the good quality care that their family member or indeed themselves may need. The first stumbling block is often finding where to start? It's especially hard if you don't know what sort of care and support is available or what they specifically need. Find Me Good Care was established to help people in these situations and includes advice and guidance on what to look for, how to pay, what you options are etc, as well as a local directory service where users can provide feedback.
The user friendly website www.findmegoodcare.co.uk can be tailored to individual needs; users can type in their postcode, specify what type of care they are looking for, and the results will return local services and council contacts. There is also lots of useful information for specific care needs.
Ann Macfarlane OBE, leading Disability Rights and Equalities Consultant: “The main issue with finding and paying for care is that regardless of how much or how little funding you have available, you need good information and advice on spending it wisely. It’s taken me a long time to work out how the system works, which is why something like Find Me Good Care is really helpful for people. Many newly disabled people aren’t as aware of what their options are, and social care is just one of the systems that a person who requires support might need to understand.
Andrea Sutcliffe, Chief Executive of SCIE: “We know that the care system can be confusing and our research has confirmed that most people are unaware of their options - that’s why we’ve created this service. We have brought together comprehensive advice and guidance to help people take those all-important first steps in navigating the care and support system. 
Oh and finally, hope you all have a great Easter and stay tuned for next week's Sunday post!

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